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ORNL’s diverse quantum expertise makes it the ideal institution to lead the next quantum revolution.

Nick Peters, Group Leader, Quantum Information Science

Multidisciplinary Science

From Atoms to Applications

An enhanced understanding of the laws of quantum mechanics is enabling a quantum revolution that promises to transform a vast range of technologies.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is leading the way.

With diverse capabilities to support materials synthesis, fabrication, and characterization, ORNL researchers are exploring new approaches to storing, measuring, and transferring information via four primary capabilities: quantum materials, quantum networking, quantum computing, and quantum sensing.

This effort supports the National Quantum Initiative and requires multidisciplinary teams skilled in three critical areas of research:

synthesizing, characterizing, and measuring properties of quantum materials

developing sensing techniques to reduce quantum noise

designing quantum algorithms for use on quantum devices

Watch: Quantum Supremacy Milestone

ORNL researchers collaborated with Google and NASA to demonstrate that a quantum computer can outperform a classical computer—a feat known as quantum supremacy—on ORNL’s Summit, an IBM system that has been ranked the world's most powerful supercomputer since June 2018.

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